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How can one store an Image in a ListResourceBundle in order to provide different images for different locales?

How can I internationalize the spellout of numbers, like two for 2 in English, dos for 2 in Spanish?

What is the difference between character set and character encoding?

Where can I find information about the i18n capabilities of the major browsers?

Where can I find discussion/information on new I18N capabilities since JDK 1.1?

Are there standard classes that will perform western to Japanese or other date conversions? I'm especially interested in Japanese eras.

How to write a servlet which can transfer data written in ISO8859-1 into GB2312 or another kind of character encoding?

For each national language supported by Unicode, what is the maximum number of bytes used to represent any character of that language when using UTF-8?

Where can I find a detailed code example of sending non-ASCII messages (Japanese in my case)?

How do I compile a ListResourceBundle that is not encoded with straight ASCII characters?

How can one use the ResourceBundle class in an applet to retrieve locale specific information over the Internet?

How do I display and parse currency values?

What is a locale and why is it useful?

How can I read GET or POST parameters that were encoded in an international character set? Also, when a user fills in an HTML Form using a custom Input Method Editor for, say, Japanese, how can my servlet/JSP know which encoding was used?

I understood that Java always uses Big Endian. Why does the code at How can I store and retrieve Unicode or Double Byte data in a file using the java.io libraries? produce Little Endian output?

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