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How do we know which charset the OS is using? For example, I know that Japanese Windows 95 encoding is MS932, but how do we know which charset it uses?

How can I format, parse, and validate telephone numbers according to locale?

Is ASCII considered a subset of Unicode, or are they disjoint sets?

How do I display and parse a date?

What's the difference between java.util.Calendar's add and roll methods?

How can I get yesterday's date?

How can I retrieve string data from a database in Unicode format?

Where can I find out about telephone number formats for different countries?

What version of Java first supported the Euro?

What support does J2ME provide for internationalization (I18N)?

How do I get a list of weekday names for a locale?

How do I get a list of month names for a locale?

I have downloaded TTF fonts, in my case for tamil. What should I do in order to view the font in my Java application?

I use a servlet to export WML on the Nokia Toolkit. Why can't I output a Chinese String (GB2313 or UNICODE)?

If my servlet or JSP contains international characters (like "Ýðüö"), how do I ensure they are displayed correctly?

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