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I still don't understand how the font.properties file works. Are there some additional articles/explanations available?

How can I create a SHORT-style DateFormat with a four digit year that works for all locales?

Where can I find common UI terms in various languages?

Is there a freely available font with all the Unicode glyphs?

Are there any standard Unicode fonts included with the JDK/JRE?

What are logical fonts in Java?

Are there any caveats regarding ResourceBundle names?

How can I use MessageFormat if I need to provide more than 10 parameters?

How can a message which embeds dynamic information be generalized?

How do I get TimeZone descriptions - which countries a TimeZone is for - so I can display eg (GMT-9.00), Alaska (GMT-8.00), Pacific Time(US & Canada) etc

If an HTML form encoded in UTF-8 is presented, users may enter any character their computer allows into the form. This includes high ASCII characters, which the browser escapes as %NN. What must I do to properly decode their intended characters? Ex: the "Euro" symbol is hex value "80" on the PC but hex value "DB" on the Mac. There are also differences between international versions of windows as well, CPXXXX etc, where high ASCII values differ. On a side question, does the browser reliably take care of any conversion for me?

What is the best way to decide whether to use ListResourceBundle or PropertyResource Bundle?

How can I format, display, parse and update a java.sql.Date? Code examples would be helpful.

What is the difference between Internationalization and Localization?

How do you make locale sensitive classes accept your own resourceBundle classes?