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How can I internationalize XSLT auto-numbering?

What is a char?

How many standard time zones exist?

How can I use TMX to assist in Internationalization and Localization?

Where is the code table of all Unicode series?

Where can I find information on UTF and conversions from one character set to another?

Where can I find a breakdown of internet users by language?

What's the difference between Window's Latin-1 ( CP1252 ) and ISO ( 8859-1 ) Latin-1?

Is there a version of the Unicode Standard available online?

How can I determine whether a char in a string is an ASCII, ISO 8859-1 or Unicode-only character?

Are there any sites which have been successfully implemented using JDK Internationalization?

Are there any standard lists of different countries' address formats? Additionally, can anyone recommend a standard i18n technique for storing addresses in a database?

How can I create a global ResourceBundle that will be recognized by all the classes in my application?

How do I localize an exception's text message?

Are there any East Asian specific FAQs available?