Collections Section Index | Page 6

What is the function of a load factor in a Hashtable?

What is a WeakHashMap? What is its use and when should you use it?

What is stable sorting?

How do you sort the elements of a vector?

What is a fail-fast iterator?

What is meant by natural ordering of objects in the context of the collections framework?

What is a polymorphic algorithm?

What is the difference between a singly linked list and doubley linked list?

How do I treat an object I get out of a Vector (collection) as the type I put into it?

Do the keys() and elements() methods of a Hashtable enumerate things in the same order?

How do I read input from a stream "one word at a time"?

Where can I find additional implementations of the Collections Framework API?

Where can I find Java packages for expressing numerical formulas?

What are the differences between ArrayList and LinkedList?

Which collections in Java are synchronized and which aren't?

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