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How can I add a Collection to another Collection?

How do I retrieve the values of a Hashtable/HashMap in sorted order?

How do I convert an old-style Enumeration to something in the Collections Framework?

What's the purpose of the IdentityHashMap?

What's the most optimum way of swapping two elements in a List?

How can I easily shift the elements in a List / Vector such that all the elements rotate n elements?

How can you get the hash code for an instance of a class if the class overrode hashCode()?

How do you sort an ArrayList (or any list) of user-defined objects?

How can I retrieve the items in my HashSet / HashMap in the order they were added?

Does the equals() method of an array do element-level checking?

How should I implement object comparisons in a flexible manner? For example, I have a Person class and sometimes I will compare based on name and sometimes I will compare based on age.

Where can I learn (more) about Java's support for developing multi-threaded programs?

What are the differences between HashMap and Hashtable?

In a TreeMap, can I use a sorting algorithm other than the natural sorting for the keys?

How do you create a multi-dimensional List?

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