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Where can I get the MacOS look and feel?

When used in an Applet/JApplet, does a Frame/JFrame show up inside the web page or as a new window?

How do I validate a TextField/JTextField to only accept valid IP addresses?

How do I cut and paste between a JTable and Microsoft Excel?

How can I make a column header of a JTable span over two columns?

How can I make a JLabel whose size is just big enough for the text, with no borders?

How do I let my Swing text component support undo/redo?

Why can't I use the Windows and Mac look and feels on other platforms?

What's the deal with the different Swing package names?

How do I display a multi-line tooltip?

How can I setup a JTextField to only accept valid dates?

Do the Swing components support displaying international character sets?

How do you create custom cursors with the Java 2 platform?

Where can I find additional look and feel implementations?

What's the difference between the swing.jar and swingall.jar files?

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