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What's the difference between VRML and Java 3D?

Can I use Java 3D with Swing components?

How can I use Java 3D in an applet?

How do I use antialiasing in Java?

Are there any FAQs available on Java 3D?

Where can I download Java Speech API and get examples of how to use it?

Can I display a Windows Media/Real Media video clip in an AWT/Swing application or applet?

How can I play/record audio in Java?

Where can I find providers of Java Telephony API (JTAPI) implementations?

Where do I get the Java Media Frameworks classes that make up the javax.media.* packages?

Where can I learn more about Java Telephony interface (JTAPI)?

Can I use MediaTracker with audio files?

How can I record audio from my Java program?

Can I play multiple audio files simultaneously?

Can I find out when an audio file is done playing?

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