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What audio formats do Java Sound and/or the Java Media Framework support?

How can I get an Image's resolution (dpi)?

Will Java 3D replace VRML?

Can I capture video input from a video camera using Java?

How can I save a graphics object into a bitmap or vector file format (such as a GIF or WMF) using Java 2D?

How can I take snapshots of Java components and save them into image files?

Are there any MPEG encoders written in Java?

Where can I find more information about Java image manipulation and processing?

Is it possible to reduce the size of an image with Java? (I want to create thrumbnails on an image.)

How can I produce a fade-out or fade-in image effect?

How can I create a grayscale image from a color image?

Is it possible to save a modified Java 3D scene graph back into a VRML .wrl file?

Where can I get the javax.vecmath package?

Are there any books about the Java Media Framework?

Where can I find class hierarchy diagrams of the Java 3D classes?

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