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How do I limit the number of characters entered into a text field?

When I use window.print(), a confirmation dialog appears. How can I print from JavaScript without getting the print dialog?

How can I write a file to the client with JavaScript? - 01.30.02

How can I use drag and drop within my web pages?

How can I get an image to fade?

How do I assign global varaibles in a .js file?

I have a few paragraphs where I want to provide meaning to certain words in the paragraph i.e., when the user moves the mouse over the certain word I want to display the meaning of the sentence.

How do I disable a Text Area so that the user is only able to see the contents, but not allowed to change the contents?

How can I programmatically bring up a Find window? window.find() works in Netscape, but not in IE.

How to get Client systems IP address and Sytem name through JavaScript?

What constants are available to help with math operations?

How do I resize a window to a relative size?

How do I resize a window to a specific dimension?

How do I move a window to a new position, relative to its old position?

How can I move a window to a specific position?