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how to check the whether cookies enabled or not

A Very Basic question - Launch new window with on the fly content, not a HTML FILE.

I want to load the "select" dropdown values dynamically. That is I am getting the values of dropdown from the data base. How to set the set it dynamically?

One of the items in my dropdown list is "Other". When the user clicks on it I want to open a new text box where user can enter the values. How do I do this?

How to retrieve a value that is selected from a combo box?

I have seen many sites which provide fancy mouse pointers. How do they do it?

How can I highlight a row in the html table using javascript?

How do I set the text fields to automatically tab to the next text box?

How can i make a combo box in HTML disabled like we can't drop down the list for selection but a value will be there by default selected?

How can I reduce the row height of an HTML table?

Why is my servlet called twice from a JavaScript button?

How do i access the underlying DOM Document for my HTML Page of my Browser?

How do I display a date in a format such as 4 august 1955 or 1 july 2002?

How do I access all elements of a certain type?

How do I detect the IP address of the viewer when he/she is trying to access my page?