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Which is the latest version of JavaScript?

What is JavaScript?

How do I change multiple frames simultaneously with one click?

Where should I place my <script> code in my HTML document?

How can I disable a form submit button so that it can't be hit twice in quick succession to submit a form?

How do I write to the browser's status line from JavaScript?

How can I add something to the browser's Favorites list?

What Usenet newsgroups are there for JavaScript-related topics?

If I want to distribute a Java game applet and let many sites host the applet, how can I maintain a common high score list?

Where can I download the [netscape.javascript] JSObject class from to compile my applets that use LiveConnect?

Where can I see the javadocs for the JSObject class?

How can I use a servlet to print a file on a printer attached to the client?

How do I access the value of a cookie using JavaScript?

When using the Java Plug-in, how can I communicate with JavaScript from my applet?

Are there any JavaScript engines written in Java that I can incorporate into my applications?

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