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How do I force a page to load in the top frame (break out of any subframes others tried to put me in)?

How can I detect when an image has fully loaded from JavaScript?

How can I forceably reload an image that I'm dynamically regenerating (on the server), say every 5 seconds?

How do I prompt for input with a popup dialog in JavaScript?

How can I detect the number of images displayed on my HTML page?

How can I swap images when the user clicks on a link, without reloading the whole page?

How do I have a link go to a previous page from JavaScript?

What's the difference between Netscape's JavaScript, Microsoft's JScript, and ECMAScript?

How can I detect from JavaScript if Java is enabled?

How can you validate a date string in a form text field?

If I don't specify a language attribute in the SCRIPT tag, what's the default? Is it the same default for all browsers?

What other FAQs on JavaScript are available?

How can you embed a JavaScript within servlets / JSP pages?

How do I use JavaScript to detect what operating system someone is using?

How do I use JavaScript to detect what browser someone is using?

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