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What is a customizer?

What is a property editor?

What part of code in a JavaBean gets executed at design time?

What are the main differences between JavaBeans and applets?

Where do I get the source code for the BeanBox of the Beans Development Kit?

Is it possible to create static properties/methods of a bean class? Does the beans spec cover this?

Where does my bean builder tool look for BeanInfo classes for its beans?

How do I have my JavaBean display a custom icon when it is imported into a bean builder tool?

I keep hearing about bean info. What is it?

How do I create a constrained property?

What is a constrained property?

How do I make a JavaBeans property bound?

What is a bound JavaBeans property?

How do I define an indexed JavaBeans property?

How do I define a JavaBeans property?

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