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How can I save Frame graphics as jpeg image?

What is the difference between a Frame and a JFrame?

What causes the error "Can't connect to X11 window server"?

Is there any way to generate offscreen images without relying on the native graphics support? I'd like to create an image without an X server running, or create an image with more colors than the current video mode.

How and why would you use the java.awt.EventQueue?

What is a peer?

How do I create an image (GIF, JPEG, etc.) on the fly from a servlet?

SSN Validation Are there any guides to validating social security numbers?

Why doesn't the Windows L&F use the same Fonts as Windows?

Ensuring that previous graphical objects do not get erased with every repaint I'm trying to create a MS-Paint Style whiteboard for collaborative work across the net.

Where can I learn (more) about dealing with 2D (two dimensional) and 3D (three dimensional) images, sound, speech, telelphony, and the rest of Java's support for advanced media handling?

When dropping an object over a JTree, how do you determine the node being dropped over?

When having a droppable JTree, how do I change the default behavior of using selection to see the active drop target?

What accessible roles were added to the 1.4 J2SE accessibility API?

How can I find out if my application is being used with a screen magnifier?