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How do I load an image onto a JButton in an applet? new JButtion("foo.gif") throws a security exception.

Why do I get a security exception when I use ".." in the path to try to get an image file?

What is the default layout manager of an applet?

Why doesn't JBuilder 5 run applets in the standard JDK appletviewer tool?

How can I easily provide default values for when applet parameters are not specified?

I get a load: class XXX not found message when I try to load my applet, what's wrong?

How can I prevent the "Applet started" message from appearing in the status line?

Are there any restrictions placed on applets loaded from HTML pages generated from servlets / JSP pages?

What's the deal with Java support in Windows XP?

What MIME type do I have to add to my Web server to be able to deliver a Java Web Start applet/application?

What is a CAP file?

How do I choose the applet I’m sending commands to?

Which applet methods must I write?

Can several applets be present on the same card?

What is a Java Card applet?

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