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How do I read applet parameters?

How can I upload a (image) file through an applet ?

How do I communicate with an applet from JavaScript?

What JDK version does Internet Explorer support?

How can I remove the Microsoft VM from my computer?

How can I get my applets to start up faster when I use Netscape browsers? When I first hit a page with an applet on it I get this "Starting Java..." message that starts up the Java VM on demand, but adds to the applet startup time.

Where does the output from System.out.println(...) go in an applet?

I'd like for my applet to load my own custom version of a core Java class, like java.lang.String. How can I do this?

I've recompiled my applet and want to use the new version. How do I get the browser to load the new version?

I get a ClassCastException when I try to load my applet, what's wrong?

How can I get the real local host IP address in an applet?

When I connect to a URL from my applet, I get a security exception, why?

What System properties are visible from an applet?

How can I make my JApplet automatically download the Java Plug-in needed to run Swing applets?

How do I treat applet parameters as numbers instead of strings, since getParameter() returns a String?

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