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What are the new features in JavaFX 2.0?

I want to close the child window, from parent window using java script.

Open new window every time Hi, I am trying this example below

If I want to manually size my icon for the system tray, how do I find out the correct size for the platform?

How do I show a popup message over a system tray icon/application?

How do I place a tooltip over a system tray icon?

What is JOAL?

What is JOGL?

Read a file in script!! HOw can we Read a file using Java Script.. My requirement is i have to read a file in java script.. Can anyone tell me how to do that..

detecting os version using javascript

How can I get a JavaScript menu to dropdown on top of an applet. The ones I have always go behind the applets I have loaded on my page.

How can I save Frame graphics as jpeg image?

How can I show a progress bar while reading a file?

What are the ASCII values of arrow keys?

How can we hide the html source code when the user tries to view the source code from the browser's "view source" file menu option?